Funsraising ideas

Here are some ideas to help you raise funds to meet your goal.

Take the challenge!!!

  • Create a Snow Angel after a fresh snowfall in your bathing suit
  • This was the original premise of the campaign, let’s keep it going!
    P.S. Usually it is women who are brave enough to take on the challenge.  MEN – let’s go!!!

Live streaming or Video classes

Create a live stream on Facebook or YouTube of one of the following:

  • Team or Individual Snow Angels (bathing suits optional)
  • Teaching a virtual class in something like yoga, Zumba, guitar, cooking, etc.
    • Since you are the expert you can charge viewers a donation as a fun way to turn this into an opportunity to learn with a purpose.

More ideas to come... help us by suggesting some more

Do you have ideas for fundraising?

Contact us and make a suggestion.

Not Registered Yet?


  • Go solo
    • Register yourself by selecting “Individual”
    • Set a fundraising goal
    • Start fundraising

  • Join or create a team
    • Gather a team of 2 people or more from your workplace, school, organization and/or family and friends.
    • Appoint a team captain and determine a team fundraising goal.
    • The team captain will register the team.
      • Select “Create a Team” during the registration process.
      • Select your team type Friends & Family Team or Workplace Team.
    • All team members must register and select to join the team.
    • Start fundraising as a team and individually. All funds raised by the individual team member count toward the team total!
    • Recruit members to join your team. 


Your goal should be something you are comfortable with. You can always change it.  Note that a lot of donations come at the last minute as there is a rush to reach the goal and people want to help you.

For individuals, we recommend a starting goal of $250 – $1000 

For teams, we recommend setting a starting goal of $500 – $1500

Once you have signed up, you can personalize your page by memorializing a loved one, honouring an individual, or sharing why you are fundraising.  Customize it with pictures and videos.  


Once you have customized your page, share the link to your page with your friends, family and colleagues to make it easy for them to support you with a donation. Additionally, there are lots of fun ways you can reach your fundraising goal… see Fundraising ideas.