January 1st – Jan 31st 2024

Days until we do it again!

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Invite your friends, co-workers, and family members to have some fun making snow angels for a great cause


Sign up solo! Have fun making a snow angel any way you like. Then Share it to get support in reaching your goal




Read about our inspiring childhood cancer survivors


We need your support...

Our hearts have endured a lot since we started in 2017.  From the support and generosity to the heart-wrenching stories of kids and families fighting against this terrible disease. We are continuing to grow our campaigns each year and need your help more than ever. We need community support to help raise funds for the oncology department at CHEO and share the campaign fun!

I'm in! - How can I help?

Register now for FREE and then start making an impression by making a snow angel and raising money to support your fun challenge!

Challenge yourself to make a snow angel in your bathing suit – get inspired by the kids and families who battle cancer.
It’s nothing compared to what they go through!

Note: Doing a snow angel in your bathing suit is encouraged but not mandatory!😉


Invite your friends, co-workers, and family members to have some fun making snow angels for a great cause


As a passionate individual, it’s incredible what simply asking for a donation can do to help childhood cancer

Why we do it:

There are over 500 children in various stages of cancer treatment each year at CHEO. A cancer diagnosis is life-altering; it can mean aggressive treatments and an uncertain future. CHEO is constantly working to find innovative treatments to offer safer and gentler care to children and youth.

Each story will touch your heart as it has ours, like Jessica, who fought cancer twice before she was ten, Jakob, who is a survivor and now an ambassador for multiple causes; Ollie Biggs, straight out of the womb; and Ollie, who has lost his sight as a result of his cancer battle.

Our 6th year and building momentum

Our goal from day one has been to raise money and awareness for kids’ cancer.  Our financial goal increases each year, and I believe one day we can reach $50,000 each winter by doing something daring and fun – making snow angels in our bathing suits!  Contrary to what you may think, this is a healthy thing for your body to do, and it is a challenge.

Sharing Our Campaign

We need you: our army of advocates; to share and get the word out for this family fun campaign. You can make a huge difference in the campaign by sharing it, by liking our posts and updates, and by showing encouragement to the team and volunteers who put it together. Cheer on the fundraisers and those who share their snow angel experiences.  Childrens’ cancer does not pause during a pandemic and neither do we. Let’s get er done!