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Our story

It was through prenatal screening that we knew something was wrong with our baby.  Olexandre was born with a mass in his abdomen comparable to the size of a pop can.

Tests confirmed it was hepatoblastoma: Liver Cancer.

Our baby started chemotherapy at just one-month-old.  Six rounds of chemo were followed by a full day of surgery to remove the mass just before Ollie turned four months old.

Thanks to CHEO, and the people who donate, our boy is now five years old!

We need to keep funding pediatric cancer research because too many little ones did not, and will not, survive.

They’ve just been so special to us. They’ve done so much more than just the cancer treatment — they’ve taken care of our family as a whole, made sure we could stay together and cope with it mentally, and they were just great. We’ll do anything for them.

Events like Snow Angels for CHEO are important because they help raise funds for the children’s hospital, spread awareness and remind the community of what we have in our backyard that we sometimes take for granted.

Don’t take this place for granted because when you do need it, you just, you can’t give back enough. You will never be able to give back enough once you’ve seen what they’ve done to save your child’s life.

Ollie at CHEO

Little Ollie Biggs was born with a large cancerous tumour on his liver and his family quickly turned to #CHEO’s oncology team to save their baby boy.

Posted by CHEO on Thursday, May 31, 2018

2021 Snow Angels with the Biggs clan

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